Curriculum Committee Workshop

Last September 26-28, 2019, the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Curriculum Committee (CC) headed by Dr. Evangeline C. Amor, held a three-day workshop at Punta de Fabian Resort, Baras, Rizal. 32 Curriculum Committee members and staff were present during the workshop.

Vice Chancellor Amor opened the workshop by welcoming the committee members. Afterwards, University Registrar Ma. Theresa T. Payongayong gave an overview on what will transpire in the three-day workshop.

VC Amor then gave a review of the current process of curricular revision/processes and general contours of common problems being encountered in the curriculum committee.

Thereafter, the committee broke into their clusters to conduct two workshops. For workshop 1: Review of 2016 UC CC Workshop Resolutions, the cluster, nomenclature, proposals, process of course delivery and learner assessment of the committee were reviewed. The GEC Secretariat served as a documenter for the Workshop 1.

For Workshop 2, the participants discussed the problems commonly encountered in curricular proposals both at the college and cluster levels, and what solutions they recommend to address the issues. The UC CC Secretariat served as a documenter for the Workshop 2.

Assistant University Registrar Aaron Abel T. Mallari started the second day of the workshop by doing a recap of  what happened on Day 1. Afterwards, the output of the Workshop 2 was presented. It was followed by the plenary discussion on final decision points and consultation on the Academic and Organizational Nomenclature.

As for Day 3, UR Payongayong recapped what happened on Day 2 and discussed the summary of resolutions. Afterwards, VC Amor gave a closing remarks to end the 3-day workshop.